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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Puerta del Sol,Madrid Spain

One of the places to visit in Madrid is the Puerta del Sol.It's so easy to find this place since it's very close from Plaza Mayor,just a few walks away.You will see here the Monument of King Charles III and also the statue of Bear and the MadroƱo Tree.

It's one of the busiest place in Madrid.There are many boutiques,stores and restaurants in this area so no wonder why locals and tourists flock here.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Teleferico de Madrid or Madrid's cable car,Spain

If you will go to Madrid Spain and want to experience a different way to see the city,try the Teleferico or the cable car.It's one of the tourist attractions of the city.

Riding this will let you see the city skyline.A very nice panoramic view of the city.Then it will take you to a park.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Plaza de Espana,Madrid

One of the places that we visited in Madrid was the Plaza de Espana.We went there after we visited the Palacio Real or the Royal Palace.By the way,it's only a short walk from the palace.

Me and my son had a photo with the two giant bronze sculptures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Wall display fixture

When we were at the store that sells apparels for women,I notice their nice slatwalls.I think it adds elegance to the products that were dislayed.Their slatwalls are like the slatwall panels at that I have seen while browsing online.

I even said to my husband that I really like their wall display fixture.If only it's possible,I really would like to put it in our room :)

Secure payment system

We like to shop online especially for electronic items and books.It's so convenient that we prefer buying stuffs online.But we made sure that everytime we pay,the online shop's website should have a BSA Compliance to avoid any risk and fraud.

It's very important for us that the site has a secure payment system coz we were victim before by a non protected site.Our bank account informations were used by fraud people and bought things online using our card.Good thing that we are insured,the bank refunded us the money.
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